Who Gives A Crap? 

a viral campaign about toilet paper… gotta be sexy right? watch the video!

here’s an awesome campaign that spread like wild fire which I stumbled upon today through indiegogo. <3 that platform. good ideas just keep getting better, coz we are funding the shit we like. 

the filmmaking is simple. the production values are there (but not in your face). the message is quirky, fun and makes us wanna watch right through to the end of the roll… 

what do we get from this campaign? 

these guys give a crap and their video message stuck! they came up with a clever viral idea with a sense of humour, a dash of shock factor and some good ol’ fashioned tongue-in-cheek.

to be noted: 

you’ll often hear people say that building a viral campaign is all about being shocking, being funny or being memorable. it’s all about pulling the heart strings or eyeballs in a firm direction. but all too often we are sucked into thinking that “shock factor” is doomed to how much DIY-disgust-factor you can cram into your 1 minute video onslaught. unsurprisingly, businesses and brands would run a mile from such campaigns… 

but these guys have proved that it can be as simple as an unexpected gag like a guy talking to us from the loo.

so what’s the goss? did they win w this zanny campaign?

hell yes! people <3 it! 

these kooky toilet-humour-loving-product-development-geeks-with-a-social-and-environment-heart raised $50K by this one-two-punch of a campaign - the funky video above followed up ftw by the aussie dude sitting on the toilet on a live feed for 50 hours straight until they raised the dosh they needed to have their idea spread. 

well played, toilet paper gurus. well played.

contribute to this funky campaign while you still can on indiegogo and be part of toilet history.

inspired yet?! good. now get out there and make stuff!

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